Therese Johaug in the news for doping.

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Therese Johaug in the news for doping.

Postby KBleivik » Thu Oct 13, 2016 5:07 pm


Prøven fra dopinglaboratoriet viser at det er lave nivåer og forenlig med bruk av krem, som det hevdes. Det er ikke noe som peker på at dette har gitt prestasjonsfremmende effekter, sier Per Wiik Johansen.


The sample of doping laboratory show that there are low levels and compatible with the use of cream as it is claimed. There is nothing that indicates that this has provided performance-enhancing effects, says Per Wiik Johansen.

and here

Clostebol tilhører en gruppe anabole steroider, et stoff som har kraftig muskelbyggende effekt. Det står på dopinglisten. Det er et stoff som er veldig fettløslig, og tas opp gjennom huden og inn i blodbanen. Det kan påvises via en urinprøve at du har brutt dopingreglene, sier han.


Clostebol belongs to a group anabolic steroids, a substance that has powerful muscle-building effect. It is on the doping list. It is a substance which is very lipophilic and absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. It can be detected through a urine test that you have violated doping rules, he said.

Source: ... 72412.html

Then how responsible is Therese if her doctor said that the lip creme was not on the doping list.

If this is the complete case and persons from other countries have the same information as me, I am gald I am not participating in professional sports. (Use a translation service for reading the next articles if you don't understand Norwegian and / or Swedish )

Swedish news: ... kidakare-i ... om-johaug/ ... 3708271.ab ... ningstest/ ... ingbesked/ ... ningstest/

Norwegian news: ... 72300.html ... 72312.html ... 72402.html ... 1.13177847 ... m/63961048

I repeat: If this is the complete case.

I don't know, I only read the news.

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