World Chess Championship 2016 Magnus Carlsen vs Sergey Karjakin

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World Chess Championship 2016 Magnus Carlsen vs Sergey Karjakin

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Virtual Reality

This is the first world championship that will be broadcast in virtual reality. Watch Magnus Carlsen take on Sergey Karjakin in a stereoscopic live video using Google Cardboard or any other VR device

Google cardborad:

The match will take place in New York, USA November 11–30, 2016

Follow the games using Sesse a supercomputer.

Semantic links:

1. Arena, Stockfish and Komodo

First of all note that chess engines like Stockfish and Komodo just calculates moves and relies on other programs like Arena, a GUI (Graphical User Intrface), to display the chessboard. Arena assists you in analyzing and playing games as well as in testing chess engines.

Today, november 22 2016, I clicked the

Arena 3.5.1 setup link on the site:

and installed Arena on my computer in less than a minute. Then I was able to play chess and choose among 8 engines from the engines menu and load the engine of choice. If you want to stop a game, you go to the Game menu and choose the Resign option. If you want to play black, you go to the files menu where you also choose a new game and choose the New Rated Games option.

I have not tested it, but Arena or other GUI's may be used to set up a game between two different chess engines. More about that in this ... -computer3

interesting thread.

2. Installing Stockfish 8 and using that engine in Arena.

But since I wanted to play against one of the world's best free engines, I downloaded and unzipped Stockfish 8 from the stockfish site.

I renamed the folder to Stockfish8 and copied it to the programs file folder of my c drive. Then I clicked the engines menu of Arena and installed stockfish_8_x_64 from the Stockfish 8 folder just created. Now I can play against Stockfish 8 or one of the other engines from the load engine option of the engines menu of Arena.

More about how to install Stockfish: ... or-dummies ... -stockfish

Since the last version of Komodo is not free, I did not install that engine. There are enough engines to choose from for me in my current November 2016 version of Arena.

Play around in the different menus and options of Arena and learn how to get most out of the software. I am impressed only after a few hours. With arena and 9 engines it is up to you how good you will be.

Is this the best English speaking chess site for kids ?

It is interesting to learn how the different engines make their move, not least during the opening and end games. You can even change engine during a game. If you use more than one computer, you can compare different engines during a game.

3. Chess engine ratings.

Put the following query into a search engine:

chess engine ratings 2016

The best computer chess engines rated by ... ss-engines

YouTube search: top chess engine competition ... ompetition

This is a never ending race. Here ... freload=10

is a relatively fresh YouTube video. See blow for additional information.

4. Chess games ... id=1001601 Best chess games of all times. ... zbstix.htm Classic Chess: View 64 Great Games Most brilliant chess move all time? The chess games of Sergey Karjakin The chess games of Mangnus Carlsen ... TCKzqarxLg ... llet-1m-1s

YouTube: ... hess+games

5. Online chess ... ess-online

6. Chess training ... chess.html ... t-websites ... ics-course

7. Other GUI's and alternatives to Arena.

8. Chess Engine Championship (engien versus another engine) ... ampionship ... s-champion ... mpionship/ ... al-master/ ... mpionships

Interesting Norwegian article about the subject: ... 2435_1.snd

9. More about the Sesse supercomputer ... +Gunderson ... ?tid=31067

10. Other links The easiest way to embed a chess board on your site. Installation instructions

11. Norwegian ... kk-vm-2016 ... 1.12876250 ... 1.13238849 ... 1.13238795 ... 1.13239193 ... 9836_1.snd ... -favoritt/ ... hess-2016/

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