Youtube videos about Norway and Norwegians.

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Youtube videos about Norway and Norwegians.

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I will sum it up before you get confused watching the videos.

Be yourself and make it simple, as simple as possible, but no simpler.

We have to start with the video where the Law of Jante is mentioned: (Got it???)

More about The Law of Jante (Jante Loven) by American Michelle Alexandra:

There is actually 11 and not 10 points to the Law of Jante, the 11th being:

Maybe you think that I don't I know something about you?

forumlated later in Sandemose's book menitoned here:

One more comment to that video by the American woman. Michelle Alexandra seems to agree with Swedes that claim that Norway is the last Soviet state, since she say that Norway is a very communist society.

She has obviously not met the academia in our Ministry of Finance. There is nothing more captitalistic than them, especailly if you don't pay your tax.

It is a long way to Royal Albert Hall: ... lbert-hall

She can definitely learn you Norwegian from what I heard: ... +Alexandra

A girl from Portugal about Norway and Norwegians:


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