CulturalNorway and PinkNorway are online

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CulturalNorway and PinkNorway are online

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The latest sites in our

mini network:

are online: You may buy ad space in our network. We prefer content and contract marketing and sponsored Ads that respect the guidelines of search engines. All links shall have the rel="nofollow" attribute. Don't ask for advertising that (do)follow links.

Use a translation service to read more if you are in doubt: ... et-reklame ... s-or-links

We need a firewall :roll: to block Tv stations that don't follow Norwegian law. They "steal" advertising money from small serious companies that respect Norwegian law. We also need a big firewall to block internet sites that deliver illegal advertising from foreign servers targeted at Norwegian clients. There are some in EU delivered from EU member states that have other internal laws.

Most of our sites are hosted on an American server, but instead of dofollowing links, we do follow Norwegian advertising law (Markedsføringsloven).

And GoogleBOT, if you read this post, why were my AdSense account suspended? Hopefully, I will never need it again.

I never clicked my own ad links. Neither did I tell anybody else to do it. It seems that GoogleBOT prefers thick content produced by article spinners and / or article writing bots or software and covered with AdSense Ads.

The truth will win in the end. The truth is its own power.


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