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Read these rules before posting

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:40 pm
by KBleivik
1. Norwegian law. It takes time to moderate a forum. For that reason we use the following rule: We deny everything that we do not explicitly allow according to these rules. This bulletin board (BB) is driven by phpBB and not meant to be a social network like facebook. The message is the vital information and it shall not drown in spam.
2. The following is enough to have your IP(range) blocked: Spam posts and / or bad redirects in your home page and / or Sig's and / or fake information in your profile. The following is enough to have your account deleted: Not at once confirming your membership in the link sent to your email, pop up or redirects in your home page / sigs or URL in your name. This is because of our experience with forum spammers. We use our free time here and have to minimize the time spent on forum spam.
3. Free posting under responsibility. Do not get personal. Stick to the subject. Personal attacks will be deleted without argument, and you may be banned from the forum. Note, professional disagreement is not a personal attack and a professional discussion may feel hard to somebody. But be polite, even if the discussion is hard, and you are a winner in our view. Humor is good, but bad humor (again our judgment) on behalf of other members may be regarded as a personal attack. Especially if a lot of members go against another member, even if that member started, be careful with your words. Try to understand cultural differences. People from some countries may tolerate and stand more than other members. Especially, for that reason, we look for moderators outside the Christian Western world that understand these cultures better than us.
4. Since this is a professional business forum, no politics, sexual, religious and hatred posts will be tolerated. Go to other forums if you want to discuss such topics. That does not imply that it is unimportant to discuss such topics, but we do not take the time, burden and work to moderate such topics in this forum. See rule 1 if you are in doubt.
5. Off topic or wrongly posted posts will be deleted without argument. Duplicate/redundant threads will be deleted. All posted links must be relevant to the topic of the thread. Posts with inappropriate links will be deleted. All posts must be in English, posts in other languages will be deleted.
6. Your topic must have a clear subject, so that a reader will know what your thread is about. Please use keywords in your subjects that will allow other users to search for your topic easily and the search engines to index it on relevant words and topics. In that way you may increase traffic to your posts where the links to your sites are. That is free Ad.
7. People of any religion, country, sex and minority group are welcome if you stick to the rules.
8. Forum spamming may in severe cases be reported. Read how Wikipedia describes newsgroup and forum spam: "Old Usenet convention defines spamming as excessive multiple posting, that is, the repeated posting of a message (or substantially similar messages)." Do a search to make sure your topic hasn't been discussed already e.g. by the following search: kw's That can eliminate a lot of unnecessary posting.
9. Self promotion, only posting links or obscure information, that do not have a specific topic, and do not contain enough information for readers to respond will be deleted. Our contribution to you for posting serious and relevant posts on this forum is, maximum three links to your sites in your signature. No broken links, links to pages that will not pass Norwegian law, redirections, pop ups or links to other bad sites will be tolerated in your Sig's or in posts (see point 2 above). If you are uncertain, sign up without a link. Some members only sign up without visiting the forum, a clear sign of a spammer. The same with a person only signing up, visiting the same date and not returning. We may delete such members after a while (see point 2 above). If you post more than three links in your signature, it indicates, since this is written in red, that you have not read the forum rules, and your account will be deleted without argument and your IP will be blocked on the second or third attempt if you continue to break this rule. Don't try to be smart. If you use a dynamic IP address, we may block an IP range. We assume that your time is valuable and so is ours. We do not have time to argument on these points.
10. Again this is a professional forum. You may be banned for a week or longer if we have strong evidence that you have a hidden agenda and do not express your professional meaning on a subject. Trying to flatter moderators and site admins is an obvious example of a hidden agenda.
11. ForumNorway do not have the responsibility for what members post. We do not have time to moderate all posts.
12. Your posts belong to ForumNorway and will be stored in a database as long as ForumNorway exists.
13. By registering and posting on ForumNorway, you agree to abide by all these rules.
14. Some forums that use phpBB have had problems when a member unsubscribes from the forum. The person may still get emails from the forum. There are a simple solution to this problem. Change your forum email address to one you never use or to an email service like e.g. Hotmail, where you only get emails from persons on your list. You have to confirm the change of email before you remove the address from this list.