Market Myths Exposed. Three valuable videos from EWI.

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Market Myths Exposed. Three valuable videos from EWI.

Postby KBleivik » Sat Nov 17, 2007 2:50 pm

Thought that I would share these three videos of market myths from Elliott Wave International with you, that is one of my favorite financial sources. You have to sign up as a EWI member and view the videos free.

Financial Market Myths Exposed | Free Club EWI Video Series | Elliott Wave International:
  1. Earnings and the stock market.
  2. The economy and the stock market.
  3. FED funds rate and the stock market.
  4. Purchasing power of stocks.
  5. Credit market / From credit expansion to credit contraction.
  6. One market, one world. Difficult to find a place to hide.
  7. Real estate is crashing. Real estate and global stock markets. What is happening?
  8. Market indexes versus market reports.
  9. Bearish divergence.
  10. Corporate debt issues.
  11. Credit expansion and the value of the $.
  12. Cash versus other financial instruments.
Especially note the concept of the real value of stocks explained at the end of video 2.

Nominal Dow follows the lead of real DOW.

This is not an advice from me to buy, hold or sell. It is given to you here as information that should be interpreted with other sources of information.

I am also affiliated with EWI, so in a sense I am not neutral.

My own personal advice:
  • Try to understand the nature of the market / instrument you invest in before you invest. Cross read and cross check different views, reports and analysis and make up your own opinion. The more you know, the better is your final decision.
  • Try to understand the social mood when you invest. The biggest losses have been related to market manias.
  • (Invest when everybody hate the market. That is at the market low if you are able to identify that point of time. Exact identification is "impossible").

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