Web 2.0 as I define it.

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Web 2.0 as I define it.

Postby KBleivik » Fri Mar 16, 2007 5:30 pm

I make my own and will concentrate around these topics:
  1. Communities. Web 2.0 links people.
  2. Technologies. Web Services and more advanced web applications made available through the new DOM model and the XMLHttpRequest object, e.g. via extended Java Script, also called AJAX. XML and Xtechnologies, like XPath, XMath, XLink, XPointer are important. XML powered sites will be more important and web 2 browsers (see below) will have options to parse XML (article) documents and present them as text on a web page without using external RSS or atom parsing.
  3. Browsers. At present there is only one according to my requirements for accessibility and usability, Opera 9.1. Related WPW thread: Modern webbrowsers, accessibility and usability.
  4. Digital logistics, information, communication and datalogistics. This point is related to point 2 and 3, but deserves its own. KW's are increased speed, bandwidth, security and anything over IP, phone, messengers, piano education in real time etc.
  5. Websites. Strict separation of content, style (CSS or similar technology) and code. Web 2.0 websites makes life easier for the SE Bots because of this separation. Mark up, valid according to the latest standards. Web 2.0 sites are accessible, user friendly and can be used on mobile devices. The most advanced can be used by screen readers, so blind people can surf them. For additional information: see my first post.
  6. Marketing: Example: AJAX and SEO.

Link: Internet2, web 2 and related resources.

In a nutshell, reduced to a least common denominator:
Web 1.0 = HTML + URL + HTML browser.
Web 2.0 = XML + URI + XML browser.
Kjell Gunnar Bleivik
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