Our favourite C++ Books.

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Our favourite C++ Books.

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1. Start.

Kernighan & Ritchie "The C Programming Language, second edition".

Important for understanding the background of C++ and some simple structures like struct, fields and unions and last but not least C type pointers.

A soft introduction to C++.

You find proposals to solutions of most of the exercises here:


2. Accelerated C++

Andrew Koenig and Barbara E. Moo : "Accelerated C++ Practical Programming by Example."

Those two books may be enough.

3. Integrating C / C++ with other languages

Note that a lot of scripting languages like PHP and Python are implemented in C / C++. At a birds eye view, Python is a C / C++ while loop, so if you have the Python source code you can embed it in a C / C++ project.

These two books give you the details:

Michael J. Dickeiser: "C++ for Game programmers".

Sean Riley: "Game programming with Python".

4. Bjarne Stroustrup

In addition every book written by the languages creator, Bjarne Stroustrup


is a must read for a professional C++ programmer.
Kjell Gunnar Bleivik
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