Borland launches C++ Builder 6.0

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Borland launches C++ Builder 6.0

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Borland C++ Builder is one of the most advanced and effective tools in OOP in C++. Now it launcehs version 6.0. If it is as great as earlier versions, I can promise you an unique user experience, where you have nearly complete control over your computer.

For the professional C++ developer who demands reliable, high-performance applications, this is the IDE you’ve been waiting for! C++Builder® 2006 updates and refines the popular C++Builder® IDE with the latest RAD and ALM features for mission-critical C and C++ development. Develop robust GUI, Database, and Web applications in record time with WYSIWYG Web Application Development, powerful new data providers, the latest IDE productivity features, and seamless IDE integration with version control, bug tracking, and team collaboration.
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